Monthly Archives: January 2016

5 Steps to Start Content Curation for Social Media

Content curation is a phrase that marketers often use to talk about sharing content that you didn’t create to your social media. As you probably know, sharing content on your website via a blog or landing page requires you to be pretty original about what you write so that you aren’t plagiarizing or violating copyrights. Sharing on social media is much easier, however, and doesn’t require any special citation, paraphrasing, or extra time spent researching and writing. Continue reading

How to Pick a Perfect Font

We frequently work with clients on designs for their websites and digital marketing materials as well as print projects and other advertising on paper. It’s always important to make sure the copy is well-written and free of ambiguity or obscurity. We need to be sure the layout is clear and easy to follow, and any artwork has to fit the feel and tone of the piece. But the one place that lots of people get stuck when trying to describe or tweak a design is the font. Continue reading