Monthly Archives: July 2016

Stumped for Marketing Ideas? Check the Calendar

Marketing can be a difficult process. Clients are always telling us that they don’t know where to start with a marketing strategy. Not only do you need to solidify your own messaging, but you have to distinguish yourself from competitors, portray your values, and still somehow run your business. To top that off, marketing strategy has to change and stay fresh to keep people interested. You can’t keep the same message every month! Continue reading

Small Business Marketing: The Business of Being Found

We frequently speak with our clients about the big ways to help customers find them: paid advertising, digital marketing, print and direct mail, and participating in events. There are several little ways that you can market your business and make sure that you get found when people come looking for a business like yours. They probably won’t drive thousands of customers to your door, but they are easy, basically free, and often considered a standard best practice that you should follow. Continue reading

Get the Most Out of Attending Your Next Tradeshow

Going to tradeshows is an important part of business and professional development for most industries, but especially for eye care professionals. Tradeshows and conferences offer continuing education, information on new technology and procedures, and more product information that your brain can hold. With an overwhelming amount of material and demonstrations to soak up, how do you make the most of it? Continue reading