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Social Media Posting | The Benefits of Using An Agency

It’s the end of the year and everyone is saying “Marketing budgets are tight.” So, should you still be working with an agency for social media posting on your behalf? The answer? Maybe. When considering whether or not to work with an agency, each business should consider four aspects of its business:

  • Time
  • Expertise
  • Desire
  • Money

Let’s break down each of the following to determine if hiring an agency to post on your behalf is the best decision for your business!

When Should an Agency Manage Social Media Posting

If your team doesn’t have the time, expertise, or desire to post content, it is time to invest in working with an agency. This lack of time, expertise, or desire will manifest itself in many ways. Many people think that paying someone to post on your behalf is an all-or-nothing solution. For some agencies, that is true, but it doesn’t have to be!

Start by asking yourself, “When was the last time someone on your team posted to your social media pages?” If it has been awhile, why?


Sometimes, your team is too busy focused on the day-to-day requirements of running a business. This is especially true for small businesses where employees have cross-functional responsibilities. They may rock wearing multiple hats, but the social media hat has started to fall down and no one is there to catch it.


Even if someone is posting content, if no one is engaging with it, it is as if no one is posting content. When looking at social media, average follower engagement is between .5% and 1%. If you are not seeing an average engagement in this range, your messaging needs improvement.

Some businesses have the time and desire to post content, but lack the expertise. In these situations, Innereactive crafts unique marketing strategies that outline a posting schedule. In some situations, we even design branded posting templates to allow the business to post.


In other situations, a business may love sharing posts that showcase the company’s personality and culture but don’t enjoy creating and sharing educational content about products, services, or promotions. Innereactive works with clients to create posting schedules that show when we will post educational content. This allows for a decreased investment from the business and still allows the business to engage its audience with personalized content.

When Should You Keep It Internal

There are a few key features when considering continuing to do your own posting.

  • If your posting schedule has a healthy balance of brand, educational, and promotional content.
  • Your audience is taking action on the posts requesting them to do so.
  • Your average follower engagement maintains 1% or better. Anything over 1% is considered exceptionally well.

However, even if all of these things are true, if your team feels like posting content is taking too much time or no longer has the desire to maintain it internally, an external agency can help.

Paying someone to post on your behalf has been a question that plagues business owners since businesses started creating Facebook accounts. It isn’t right for every business, but for those businesses where it makes sense, it is important to pick the right partner. One that gets to know your business so well, they are an extension of your business, not just a marketing agency. We look forward to being that agency for your business.

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Heather Morrison
Heather is the VP of Operations at Innereactive and we are lucky to have her. She has over five years of experience running an HR department and enjoys helping businesses like yours find solutions to their HR needs.

How to Write Your Company History

Your business has a unique story to tell. Large or small. New or generational. Every business has a history to share. And more than ever, people are interested in hearing it. Writing your company history is an effective way to share insight with your potential and existing customers and employees.

Understand the Importance of Your History

In a world of endless options, it can be challenging to stand out to consumers. Especially as a small or new business, it can be difficult to keep up with larger competitors. The good news is you can use your company history as a tool to complete.

Connect With Your Customers

Consumers are interested in purchasing from businesses that align with their beliefs and values. Sharing your company history is a great way to connect with your audience and engage them to become brand loyalists. For example, share in your history if you built your brand on being inclusive, woman-owned, or sustainable.

Strengthen Your Brand

Your company history is a valuable part of your brand. Sharing the right details of your story strengthens your brand messaging. Psst! Don’t forget to share your history in your brand guidelines.

Showcase Your Expertise

Help your customers understand your journey! Even if you are a new business, you have expertise in the field of business you are opening. You can use your company history to share that expertise.

What Parts of Your Company History to Share

Don’t overshare and overwhelm the reader. Be strategic about the milestones you share and lean on your core values to determine what makes sense to share. A good company history will consider these aspects:

  • Why your company was established.
  • Values the company was founded on.
  • An overview or quote from the company president or founder.
  • Challenges the company has overcome.
  • Key events in the company’s existence (growth milestones or awards won).

Now, determine where to post your company history. The company history could be lengthier for some platforms, such as your website. You may have a character limit on others, like social media platforms or as part of a press release. Try to craft a story that matches the needs of each platform and its audience.

How to Share Your History

Keep your audience and platform in mind. Businesses often have many versions of their company history. However, all company histories should contain a similar story and messaging. When writing your company history, keep these platforms in mind:

For some platforms, such as your website, the company history could be lengthier. On others, like social media platforms or as part of a press release, you may have a character limit. It is important to determine where your company history will be shared, and craft a story that matches the needs of the platform and the audience that will view that platform.

Writing your own history will always be easier for you than it will be for an agency, no matter how good that agency is. However, we make an effort to truly become an extension of our customer’s businesses, getting to know the ins and outs of what makes them tick. This allows us to apply our marketing expertise when writing or proofing company messaging. If you need assistance telling your story, one of our experts is excited to help!

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Heather Morrison
Heather is the VP of Operations at Innereactive and we are lucky to have her. She has over five years of experience running an HR department and enjoys helping businesses like yours find solutions to their HR needs.