“Very enthusiastic and genuine. Great advice for customer service and being a leader.”

Jessica Jackson, OD, Superior Eye Health
Marquette, MI

“I feel Samantha has a unique perspective, seeing practice issues from differing experiences. This is a valuable asset to practices looking to improve their in-office experiences and internal operations.”

Rick Peterson, OD, Absolute Vision Care
Chicago, IL

“Her passion/enthusiasm are appreciated and contagious.”

Denice Kelly, OD, Northwest Optometric Associates
Chicago, IL

“Samantha was not only knowledgeable, but she was passionate about what she spoke about. She was understanding in being relatable. She spoke with compassion!”

Agnes Hui, Agnes Vision of Wellesley
Providence, RI

“Samantha was extremely passionate about her work, but also understood the importance of the points she was making and how they should not be something that can be implemented overnight. I appreciated her use of case studies to show these ideas can happen.”

Allyson Tebon, BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists
Green Bay, WI

“Great ideas and passionate about what she is speaking on. High energy!”

Sandy Sieloff, ABO, Oneida Eyecare
Green Bay, WI