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The Elusive Mission Statement

A How-To Guide for the Rest of Us

Let’s start off at square one. Should you bother even having a mission statement? Does it hold a purpose? Does having a well-defined statement actually help your business? In short, the answer to all three questions is a resounding, “Yes!” If you don’t currently have a mission statement on paper, chances are you were still thinking about it as you were establishing and growing your business. Let’s look at why you should be writing out your mission and vision, and how you can begin to hone yours. Continue reading

What can a good logo do for you?

We get it. Running a small business is a big job! Sometimes you prioritize working for others over working on yourself. It’s a really common problem. The real issue is that you may find yourself several months or even years into running your business without good branding, or even a polished logo in practical files that you can use easily and consistently. Continue reading

Responding to Online Reviews

Many online reviews won’t make the difference between a slow day and standing room only, but there’s no doubt that they can noticeably help or hurt your sales. There’s no shortage of funny stories about business owners responding to negative reviews, too. But somewhere between the good reviews and the bad, the appropriate responses and the funny ones, there is a good strategy for your online review policy. It all starts with one golden rule. Continue reading

How to Pick a Perfect Font

We frequently work with clients on designs for their websites and digital marketing materials as well as print projects and other advertising on paper. It’s always important to make sure the copy is well-written and free of ambiguity or obscurity. We need to be sure the layout is clear and easy to follow, and any artwork has to fit the feel and tone of the piece. But the one place that lots of people get stuck when trying to describe or tweak a design is the font. Continue reading