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Astrowebicist (Innexus Specialist – Web Development)

Ashley graduated from Davenport University with a BS in Computer Information Systems, with a concentration in Web Design. After graduating in 2011, she ditched her 4 wheels for 2 and moved to the Windy City.

While living in Chicago, Ashley gained valuable experience working as a Web Designer at a local radio station, steaming milk at numerous coffee shops, and dodging car doors while biking (the latter is probably the most important). After 3 exhilarating years, and an extremely cold winter, she decided to retreat back to Michigan and settle in Grand Rapids with her cat Fran.

When she’s not knee-deep in CSS and HTML, you might find Ashley persistently attempting to bike up the hills in Grand Rapids, initiating dance-offs with strangers, cooking an extravagant meal for one, or producing electronic music in her bedroom.

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