viewer_heatherMarisa Lyon
The Money Woman (Bookkeeper)

Marisa is from Flint, Michigan just a few hours from Innreactive’s home base in Grand Rapids. Opposite of what you might imagine from someone in love with numbers, she is a very bubbly and a personable person. Marisa is almost never caught without a smile on her face!

After graduating from Michigan State University, where she earned a degree in Finance at the Eli Broad College of Business, Marisa joined the Innereactive team. She has found that to live a happy life, you must have balance! This created a perfect opportunity to join the team as she will be the new woman behind the curtain and make sure our accounts are balancing.

Outside of work, Marisa enjoys being around family (more specifically her niece), hanging out in a hammock, and asking people if she can pet their dog.

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