Let’s Talk Practical SEO Tips

white-pen practical seo tipsA lot of people have been asking us about SEO lately. As search engine ranking gets more competitive, and Google continues to pare down their local listings and replace them with more paid ads, SEO can make the difference between growing your client base and staying the same size.

We try to give good information on SEO regularly and as part of our welcome materials, but in case you missed it and want a quick lesson, here are some SEO tips you can follow to help get your website showing up higher in search engines.

SEO Tips for Your Business

Write regular content for your website. Regular content updates like blogging greatly increase SEO. How it works is that search engines like Google use what’s called “spiders” to “crawl” your website on a regular basis. If you change your content frequently, the spiders come back more often because the search engines want to have the latest information on what you do. During the crawling process, the spiders pick up info about you: keywords you’re using in your content, overall content quality (including length, how varied your media is if like if you include pictures or video, and other factors), and less visible information including meta data that is coded into your website but isn’t as visible for the user. Writing good, original, regular content for your website is the best thing you can do for SEO. If you would like tips on how to write your own blogs, let us know and we’d be happy to give advice.

Make sure all of your social media pages have correct information and an “about” section that includes your services. Having your business name and website URL on various websites with a concise “about” section that lists your services will help connect those keywords with your web presence. This SEO tip is pretty easy because you should have been prompted to do it as you were setting up your social media pages, so most people have this set already.

Post regularly to social media pages so that the search engines see that you’re engaged with the public and care about connecting with your clients. Even though Google+ doesn’t have as much traffic as Facebook, posting to Google+ helps SEO.

seo tips reviews mapMake it easy for patients to review your business, especially on Google+. Google prioritizes businesses that have good and plentiful reviews on their Google My Business listing (your Google+ business page). These reviews are arguably more important than Facebook reviews and even Yelp reviews. Here is an example of a Google search for a common service in our area. As you can see, Google has begun limiting the “local” listing positions (which are unpaid and are based on your SEO and digital reputation) to just three spots when they used to do many more than that. Those three spots don’t always include the star-reviews, but it helps you greatly to have Google+ reviews like these.

Make sure the main directory websites have your correct business information, but be careful! There are some companies or services that will say they will correct every listing you have across the internet for a price. They convince business owners that some very small directories have to be changed, but many of these small directories are scams. Some sites set up huge directories with no regard for updated information, so when an unknowing business owner comes along and requests to update their listing, the directory company says you can only do it for a fee, or that they will only update your listing if you pay for their SEO services. That’s a scam. You want your Google, Bing, and Yahoo listings to be correct, and the main directories like some Yellow Pages and Yelp, but don’t worry about chasing those unheard of directories. It’s not worth your time and won’t have a noticeable effect on your SEO.

The great thing for you is that we can do all of these things! Many of them are included in our programs, depending on the level of engagement you’ve chosen. If you’re unsure or have questions about SEO tips, don’t hesitate to call or email and find out.