Innereactive Media’s Logo Design-A-Thon was created to help connect West Michigan Businesses with a marketing team who can empower them for success with a great logo for their company’s brand.  Does your business, product, or organization need a new or updated logo? Here’s what you need to know to participate!

Entry Requirements

• All entrants must own and operate a business located in the state of Michigan.

• Only one entry per company will be accepted, although one company may purchase multiple days for individual product logos.

• Duplicate entries for the same company or product(s) will be disqualified.

• By participating in Innereactive Media’s Logo Design-A-Thon, entrants are granting Innereactive Media permission to use entrant’s name, company biography, photographs, form information, and statements or remarks made about the design-a-thon in advertising and promotions without further compensation or permission, except where prohibited by law.

• By participating in Innereactive Media’s Logo Design-A-Thon, entrants are granting  Innereactive Media permission to verify entrant’s credit card on the day of sign up, and charge the credit card the designated amount at 8:00am on the morning entrant selected. The credit card must process before the first proof of the logo is sent.

• A 72-hour cancellation notice is required prior to entrants selected logo design date. If entrant cancels the confirmed reservation within 72 hours, including reservations made within three days of logo design date, entrant will be charged the amount of the selected day.


First proofs of the logo will be sent to the designated email address by 9:00am ET. Edits may be requested throughout the day as many times as necessary, but the last request for edits must be submitted by 4:00pm ET in order to qualify for same day logo design. All changes requested after 4:00pm ET this point qualify to be billed at our normal hourly rate of $100 per hour.

The final logo design will be sent to the designated email address no later than 5:00pm EST. Businesses receive full rights to the design files including an EPS, PNG, and JPG. These logos will be provided in color, as well as a solid white and solid black option.

To sign-up, please email us about available dates.