Stumped for Marketing Ideas? Check the Calendar

Marketing can be a difficult process. Clients are always telling us that they don’t know where to start with a marketing strategy. Not only do you need to solidify your own messaging, but you have to distinguish yourself from competitors, portray your values, and still somehow run your business. To top that off, marketing strategy has to change and stay fresh to keep people interested. You can’t keep the same message every month!

So how do you get over a rut when you don’t know what to say in your marketing messages? Check the calendar. Seasonal marketing topics can be a great way to get your customers engaged. Here are some ideas for ways to connect your product or service to the time of year.

Look Up Holidays

It may sound silly, but there is a “day” for almost everything. Maybe your business is a salon and you see that there’s a Ginger Pride Day. Or you are a pizza parlor and can do a tie-in to Pie Day. Check a site like for inspiration. Be creative! Especially if this is for social media marketing, you have permission to be a little sillier and a little more casual than you would be in more formal marketing channels. Let your business’ personality shine through.

Relate to the Season

Fall, of course, is back to school. Summer is time to get outside and take a vacation, but what if your business is not particularly seasonal? That doesn’t mean you can’t relate to the time of year. Think about things like winter bringing people indoors, but also being a time when we’re with family, giving gifts, reflecting on the year, and looking to the year ahead. Spring is a great time for cleaning and organizing, but it’s also usually a time of crazy weather, spring break, and time to wind down from the school year. Fall (ahem—the best season of them all) is a great time to think about food, changing landscapes, relaxation, Halloween, and wrapping up some plans before winter starts.


A great marketing strategy that can provide both amazing content and sales growth is to partner with another company. Maybe your business doesn’t have much to do with back-to-school, but you have a relationship with a business that does. Or maybe you are related to a business that has a seasonal promotion and you can partner up to promote each other. If you’re not sure what to do, talk to some of your customers. What else are they doing this time of year? Are you near something that is a hot holiday spot and can run an offer concurrently? Have fun reaching out to other businesses and getting to know your community!

It’s great to see business owners who are searching for ideas to keep their marketing fun and engaging. Sure, the search can be harrowing at times, but it shows that you really care about your business. There are answers out there, and we’re happy to help whenever we can. Get in touch if you want to talk about marketing strategy!