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A dynamic, professionally trained speaker delivering the right message makes a difference at any planned event. Samantha Toth, ABOC is one of the most sought-after speakers in her areas of expertise because of her unique perspective, unforgettable stories, and proven results. She’s high-energy, passionate, and shares specific strategies attendees can use immediately. Whether experienced owners, first-time managers, or customer service, Samantha inspires audiences to think differently and implement change.

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From 20 executives in a boardroom to 1,000+ attendees in an amphitheater, Samantha is sure to captivate and inspire your audience.

“Very enthusiastic and genuine. Great advice for customer service and being a leader.”

Jessica Jackson, OD, Superior Eye Health
Marquette, MI

“I feel Samantha has a unique perspective, seeing practice issues from differing experiences. This is a valuable asset to practices looking to improve their in-office experiences and internal operations.”

Rick Peterson, OD, Absolute Vision Care
Chicago, IL

“Her passion/enthusiasm are appreciated and contagious.”

Denice Kelly, OD, Northwest Optometric Associates
Chicago, IL

“Samantha was not only knowledgeable, but she was passionate about what she spoke about. She was understanding in being relatable. She spoke with compassion!”

Agnes Hui, Agnes Vision of Wellesley
Providence, RI

“Samantha was extremely passionate about her work, but also understood the importance of the points she was making and how they should not be something that can be implemented overnight. I appreciated her use of case studies to show these ideas can happen.”

Allyson Tebon, BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists
Green Bay, WI

“Great ideas and passionate about what she is speaking on. High energy!”

Sandy Sieloff, ABO, Oneida Eyecare
Green Bay, WI



Samantha is a professional speaker and President of Innereactive, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She grew up in an optical practice with multiple family members in the industry. An ABO certified optician herself, Samantha worked as a dispensing optician for eight years, as well as managed an independent optometric practice.  During this time, she realized there were very few people, or marketing companies, that understood the unique marketing needs of the optical industry.

With a strong passion for marketing and design, Samantha pursued and completed her bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University.  In 2003, she started Innereactive, a full service marketing company that specializes in the optical industry.  Her experience as a certified optician, along with her formal marketing education has given her a unique perspective on company culture, marketing, design, social media, and website solutions for the optical industry.

In addition to consulting, Samantha lectures internationally, teaching business owners and eye care professionals proven marketing and company culture strategies that lead to more remarkable patient and customer experiences. She is an approved speaker for ABO, NCLE, AOA, JCAHPO, COPE, COO, & NACOR.

Her niche expertise led her to be named one of the “Most Influential Women in Optical,” by Vision Monday and her company was awarded Michigan’s “50 Companies to Watch” award for remarkable company growth, the “Good for Grand Rapids” award and the “Good for Employees” honorable mention for outstanding company culture. She and her team work with laboratories, frame and lens manufacturers, retailers, and eye care practices all across the country.

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Professional Certifications

  • Certified Optician, American Board of Opticianry
  • ABO Speaker, Technical Level I & II
  • NCLE Speaker, Technical Level I & II
  • COPE Speaker, Practice Management
  • CPC Speaker, Commission on Paraoptometric Certification
  • NACOR Speaker, National Alliance of Canadian Optician Regulators
  • COO Speaker, College of Opticians of Ontario
  • iJCAHPO Speaker, International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology

Areas of Training Expertise

  • Customer Experience
  • Company Culture
  • Leadership & Implementing Change
  • Training Curriculum Development
  • Practice Management
  • Business Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Digital Advertising
  • Lens Technology
  • Frame Buying & Merchandising

Redefining the Patient Experience

Providing a great experience starts with recognizing what matters most to patients and then exceeding their expectations at every interaction. This course will provide insight into which experience factors are most important, step through each step of the patient journey, and discuss how to increase capture rate by planting purchasing seeds throughout the patient journey. Training will also highlight the skills necessary to overcome the most common purchasing objections and strategies to retain and build loyal relationships with patients. Ideal for owners, office managers, optometrists, opticians, and marketing professionals.

Stop Selling & Help Your Patients Buy

Patients don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy. The motivation behind why patients buy eyewear and contact lenses is important to understand in order to recommend the best vision solutions without being “salesy.” This course provides insight into the power of brand storytelling, the importance of product mix, and the most common reasons patients don’t purchase from a practice. It also teaches eye care professionals how to effectively communicate with patients as to why they should purchase eyewear and contact lenses from their exam provider rather than from an online retailer.

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Reach out to learn more about our customized presentation process and why Samantha’s clients say her presentation was “exactly what they needed!”

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Creating a Memorable Optical Experience

The optical experience and picking out eyewear should be all about the patient, but too often it reflects what’s fastest, or easiest for the practice…Or maybe just because that’s the way it’s always been done. This gap is where practices are losing eyewear sales to online retailers. Learn about product mix strategy, packaging, overcoming purchasing hesitation, and how to transform your optical into something remarkable and a decisive advantage over your competitors. Ideal for owners, office managers, optometrists, opticians, and marketing professionals.

Secrets to Implementing Change

Whether you’re introducing a new product or updating processes in your office, introducing and implementing change is an uphill battle. No matter how necessary the change or how seemingly evident the need, change demands continuous hard work and a different way of thinking about processes and company culture. Leaders must find ways to help their team see the need for change and then inspire them to move toward it with confidence and urgency. This course is designed to help eye care professionals understand specific strategies to overcome the difficulties involved with implementing change in their practices.

Secrets to Social Media Success & Online Reviews

Go beyond the basics and master advanced strategies designed to grow your social media following. Learn how to create engaging content and visuals, run contests, use hashtags, schedule posts, capture HIPAA compliant patient testimonials, and more. Training also includes instruction on replying and responding to patient reviews, social media strategy planning, execution, and reporting necessary to increase engagement, attract new patients, improve existing patient retention, and help patients make better purchasing decisions.

How to Attract & Retain Great Employees

Studies reveal it costs 6x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one and happy patients are generated by a happy staff. Discover ways to build a positive company culture for your practice. Learn how to lead and implement change, create “can-do” attitudes, reward employees for performance and run effective team meetings while discussing KPI stats with your staff. You’ll walk away with the confidence to build your practice culture in a positive, meaningful, and profitable way so everyone benefits from the best patient care and experience. Ideal for owners, office managers, optometrists, opticians, and marketing professionals.

Sell Something More Profitable Than Low Price

Practices without an effective sales and marketing plan compete as commodity-like businesses, where the only basis for choice is price. Patients often perceive these practices as “too expensive” and struggle with losing eyewear and contact lens sales to online retailers and other major competitors. This course is designed to help eye care professionals select the right product mix for their demographic and to determine competitive pricing. Training also highlights specific dialogue resulting in a higher capture rate of eyewear and contact lens sales. Ideal for owners, office managers, optometrists, opticians, and marketing professionals.

Customer Experience: The Ultimate Sales Advantage

You can’t always control what happens, but you can control how you react to it. When situations don’t go as smoothly as hoped, sales representatives often bear the brunt of customer complaints. When customer experience is the foundation of competition on the new battleground of sales, this can be stressful and strain vendor relationships. The good news is that there are proven strategies designed to rebuild trust, re-energize strained relationships, but more importantly, prevent them from happening. Learn about vendor expectations and what matters most to your customers including what they seek, value, and love when it comes to customer service. We’ll also cover conflict resolution strategies when unavoidable situations happen. This course is ideal for outside sales representatives, managers, directors, and staff of all experience levels who deal with stressful working situations.

How to Create Processes that Lead to Predictable Results

Stop drowning in the daily whirlwind of urgent tasks required to run a successful business. Start thriving with strategies for prioritization and by implementing business processes to organize every aspect of your organization. This course explores how an organization can improve their employee experience by creating structures around the hiring process, onboarding process, one-on-one meetings, performance appraisals, and more! Learn how to identify the biggest pain points in your organization and implement bite-sizes solutions to gradually see improvement in your employee engagement. Ideal for owners, office managers, optometrists, opticians, and marketing professionals.

Top 10 Marketing Must-Haves

Owners and managers now have more choices than ever to market their businesses. From social media and online advertising with Google AdWords, Facebook, and Yelp, to community events and local publications, how can you be sure your marketing message is reaching the right people? When a patient is in the practice, is your staff properly trained on how to talk about specific promotions or events. This course highlights the fundamentals of effective marketing and provides industry-specific ideas and tools you can use to get the most out of your marketing.





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