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With the continued pressure of high turnover rates, hiring managers and companies need to reevaluate their hiring process, starting with their job posts, then moving on to their interview process, and in all their free time, improving the company culture so people stay. It’s a lot to think about, but let’s dive in with creating the perfect job post.

Don’t Look for a Unicorn

Let’s start with a big one that many people might disagree with, don’t go looking for a unicorn! A unicorn is what those of us in the hiring field call the perfect candidate, and they are as impossible to find as the animal itself.

Great Candidates Can Be Unicorn Employees

Instead, reframe your mind to understand that you can turn great candidates into unicorn employees. Great candidates can be coached and trained to become unicorn employees who check all the boxes of their job description.

What Makes the Perfect Job Post

Focus on Key Responsibilities

It is unlikely you will find candidates with experience in every task you require, especially if you are known for stuffing your job postings with every possible job responsibility the position might have. Instead, focus on the most critical responsibilities or those you feel least confident training on. Stuffing your job posts discourages candidates from applying if they feel they lack competency in a few items. And if those items are the least important, you may miss the opportunity to find your potential unicorn employee. List only the essentials of the job requirements and place “additional responsibilities as needed” at the bottom.

Provide A Salary Range

On the flip side of keeping your job post simple, don’t forget to provide the information most important to the applicants, the salary! As much as it may pain you to read this, the best job posts include a reasonable salary range. Employees change roles and choose to work with different companies for many reasons, and while each reason is unique to an employee, they all require financial support, which means they need to get paid.

In a recent report published by ResumeLabs, roughly four out of five participants said it was likely they wouldn’t apply for a job because of a lack of information about the salary range. That’s a lot of potential candidates you are scaring away, and I promise, they are qualified candidates.

Beneficial Information to Include In Each Job Post

So you’ve included the role’s key responsibilities and salary range. Now what? Now, include all other beneficial information to give your applicants a preview of working for your company in this role.

  • Application deadline
  • Job title
  • Day-to-day responsibilities
  • Qualifications (degrees, certificates, software knowledge, etc.)
  • Physical, mental, and emotional challenges this role could face
  • Where the candidate is required to work (in office, remote, hybrid)
  • Employment status (full-time, part-time, etc.)
  • Compensation information (salary range and hourly or salary)
  • Benefits (health, 401K, etc.)
  • Company’s mission, vision, and values

Remember, the primary goal of a job post is to attract as many candidates as possible so you find a great candidate. This may result in more resumes to review, but it allows you to feel confident in your selection and pull from a more diverse pool of applicants. Our team can offer assistance in crafting the perfect job post and improving the interview process, making it easier for your business to find and hire the ideal candidate.


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Heather Morrison
Heather is the VP of Operations at Innereactive and we are lucky to have her. She has over five years of experience running an HR department and enjoys helping businesses like yours find solutions to their HR needs.



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