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Hosting events can effectively grow sales and showcase your products or services. However, the success of an event, no matter how great the planning or delivery, is only as good as the feedback and insight gathered from attendees. So, how do you create event reporting that gives you insight into your event’s success? We’ll let you in on our secrets! 

Define Your Attendee’s Roles

Before planning your event, define how attendees may interact with your business. For example, an attendee who owns a business may interact with you after the event differently when compared to an employee of the same company. Understanding your attendee’s roles can help you create a more effective follow-up process and increase your return on investment. 

Crafting messaging for each role:

Personalize your follow-up communications based on these roles. Keeping attendees up to date with valuable resources after the event can positively impact that attendee’s experience and make them more likely to recommend the event to colleagues or return for future events. Here are some examples of how you can customize your process based on attendee role.

  • For business owners, have a sales rep contact them via email or phone to thank the attendee for their time. Based on their survey submission, you can identify their key takeaways from the event and craft your sales pitch to solve or build upon their goals. 
  • For employees, share more educational-based information about your product or service. Ask if they want any takeaways to share with their manager or provide tips on implementing new processes, even at the individual level. 

Make Event Reporting & Feedback EASY

Any event planner knows this one truth: If it’s not easy, they won’t do it. One of the best ways to ensure a high volume of attendee feedback is by making it as easy and quick as possible. Creating a QR code to link attendees to a survey at the end of the event is an excellent way to gather feedback. Most modern smartphones can scan QR codes, eliminating the need to type in lengthy URLs. 

Real-time Event Reporting:

Collecting survey data digitally also allows for real-time data! Just remember to set time aside the following day to review your reporting dashboard for trends or areas for improvement.


Send Course Notes Via Email

Incorporating course notes in the feedback process can incentivize attendees to fill out the survey. Instead of having attendees complete the feedback form and then manually emailing them, include a course notes downloadable link in your survey confirmation. 

Analyze Event Reporting & Make Improvements

Collecting data is crucial to identify improvement areas, even if it’s negative feedback. While your survey may require CE fulfillment questions, we recommend asking for input on the speaker, course content, venue, and facilities to evaluate your progress and make the necessary modifications. After assessing the collected data, prioritize the most vital areas for improvement and create an action plan to ensure those problems are not repeated in future events. 

In any business, an event’s success entirely relies on attendees’ feedback and engagement. If you are ready to host an event built for success or need help creating a reporting structure for your future events, our team can help! 


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Marie Wiewiora

Marie is the VP of Client Relations at Innereactive and has experience in marketing strategy, graphic design, and web development. She has over 8 years of experience creating comprehensive marketing strategies.


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