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Innereactive Media is offering a discount to Michigan businesses in need of a new or updated logo. The full service marketing and design firm will be running a Logo Design-a-Thon event for the months of August and September, creating a new logo every business day at a greatly reduced rate.

Prior to the two-month-long event, Innereactive Media will take sign-ups from small businesses that need a new or updated logo. The first business to sign up will receive a logo on August 1 and be billed $10. The second business to sign up will receive a logo on August 2 for $15. Each business day, the rate will increase by $5. The business will receive a first proof in the morning and will have until 4pm to discuss changes to the logo, seeing multiple revisions during the course of the day if desired. If, at the end of the business day, they would like further changes after the final submission, Innereactive Media will be available for additional updates at the regular hourly design rate.

“I was inspired by an article I read about a freelance graphic designer,” said Heather Morrison, office manager at Innereactive Media. “The unusually low price will enable us to meet new business owners in the area, and at the same time, give them a chance to enhance their branding. We have a lot of experience working with local business owners to strategically market and grow their companies. We’re excited to make these connections and work for them.”

At the end of September, the last of forty-four business owners who signed up for the service will receive a logo for a maximum investment of $225. Small business experts cite that a simple logo should run at least $250, but most agencies charge thousands of dollars to do multiple revisions and include various artists and marketing strategists in the creation of a professional logo.

“We know it’s unheard of for a creative agency to design a logo for as little as ten dollars,” said Samantha Toth, president and owner of Innereactive Media. “However, we want to support our local business community, and empower them for success with a great logo that represents what they do. Plus, we want the business community to know we are a resource for digital marketing, web design, advertising, social media, and more. We see this as a great, low entry way for companies to give us a try.”

Small businesses employ 57% of the country’s private workforce, and account for 44% of U.S. payroll. The majority of these companies are owned and operated by a single person (70%), which means that many small business owners are working alone to provide goods and services to their communities while doing their own marketing and advertising. Since 60–80% of all new jobs come from small businesses, helping small business owners succeed means bringing jobs, innovation, and livelihood to West Michigan.

Innereactive Media is pleased to provide this service, and the sign up website will become available at 9:00am ET on July 11th at Innereactive.com. The terms and conditions of the offer can be found on the website.

Graphics included in this post are examples of logos designed by Innereactive Media.


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