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What is a Hybrid event?

Hybrid events are the sweet spot between live and virtual events. They allow you to appeal to a broader audience: those that want the in-person experience and those who prefer to enjoy the event behind the comfort of their screen. We’ll discuss how you plan and execute an event like this, the technology should you use, and some hybrid event best practices. 

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Planning Your Hybrid Event

Organizing a live event requires more lead time than putting together a virtual-only event because you have to consider the venue, lodging, food & beverage, room layout, etc. Therefore, you’ll need to begin planning for the live event portion first, then incorporate the virtual event technology. Make sure your venue is well equipped with audio/visual and high-speed internet accessibility. 


We suggest using social media and email marketing to promote your hybrid event. When doing so, clearly emphasize your event’s accessibility to potential attendees by letting them know they can attend in person or virtually. Highlight the in-person and virtual attendee event experience, so attendees know what to expect and that they’ll be able to benefit from attending this event however they choose. 


Registration happens all in one place! Set up a single electronic registration system for your event that takes all hybrid attendees to one site. Then, allow them to answer questions on how they plan to attend. This will provide separate attendee lists, allowing you to communicate customized event expectations to all attendees. 

Marrying The Virtual & Live Environment

When it comes to virtual events, we believe live streaming the presentation is the way to go. However, that method might not work for all events. If necessary, prepare pre-recorded presentations for your virtual attendees. If you choose to live stream the event, Zoom has developed wonderful live streaming capabilities

Build an events team because the speaker can’t do it all. Allow the live speaker to focus on their presentation to both audiences by providing them with a support person to manage the virtual attendee chat, Q&A and polls. Develop an efficient communication system that allows the speaker to receive online questions and comments alongside their live audience questions. At the live event, designate one screen for the speaker’s presentation and another screen for the support person to manage and present the virtual attendees’ live chat, questions, and poll results. Provide your virtual attendees with access to all of this information so they feel just as included. This is a great way to connect virtual attendees with their live counterparts.

Practice makes perfect! 

Set yourself up for success by testing the live and virtual technology together in a practice session. Can your virtual audience clearly hear the presenter during this audio check? Make sure the live AV is connected to a virtual microphone so that all attendees feel as though they’re being directly spoken to. 


Prefer to hand off the hybrid event planning to some experts? Our team is well equipped with the experience needed to ensure your hybrid event is executed successfully.


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