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One of the keys to maintaining an engaged audience is consistently providing fresh and relevant content on your website and social media! What better way to create engaging content than tie it to something happening in the “right now.” So what do we mean by seasonal blog content, and how can you leverage this idea to help create a cohesive marketing and blog strategy? Read on to see!

Create Seasonal Content About Upcoming Holidays & Events

When you think about the upcoming season, can you think of a national or local event you are excited about? Every season has unique national events, holidays, and local festivals that you can use to build engaging content around.  Whether it’s at the beginning of the year or at each quarter, take time to research and create a content calendar to outline your blog posts and different events or seasonal ideas they can align with. Remember, not all posts have to have a direct event correlation, but you also don’t want to talk about cozy winter activities in July.

  • As a local retail store, add a holiday gift guide to your content calendar around November to highlight the top 10 items in your business that would be perfect for the family.
  • Do you own a restaurant or food blog? Find a local festival like the July Michigan Cherry Festival in Traverse City to launch a special dessert or featured recipe for cherry pie on your blog!

By aligning your content with what your audience may be experiencing in their personal life or community, you can more easily grow your engagement on your website and social media.

Provide Seasonal Tips and How-To Guides

Use your expertise to provide valuable tips and how-to guides that address seasonal challenges your audience may face. Providing practical advice tailored to each season establishes you as a go-to resource for your readers.

  • When summer arrives, so do the bugs! As a pest control company, start generating content leading up to the summer months sharing the top tips to reduce pests in your home and yard.
  • If your target audience is parents with one or more children, plan to create a blog about easy indoor activities for a spring rainy day. Share ideas of activities that take no planning and can be done with items everyone has around the house!
  • As a fitness blog, you can share tips on staying active during winter or suggest healthy recipes using seasonal produce.

Incorporate Seasonal Graphics

Graphics play a crucial role in engaging your audience. Update your blog’s visual aesthetics to reflect the current season, but stay true to your brand guidelines! Utilize seasonal colors, images, and graphics to create an immersive experience for your readers. You can also include seasonal photographs, infographics, or videos to enhance the visual appeal of your content.

Engage Your Readers with Seasonal Contests

Encourage reader participation by organizing seasonal contests or challenges. For instance, you can run a photography contest showcasing the beauty of the current season or challenge your readers to try a specific activity and share their experiences. These interactive elements can increase engagement and generate user-generated content that you can feature on your blog.

Ready to get started generating content to keep your readers engaged and interested throughout the year? Our marketing specialists can develop an annual content strategy for you as well as manage all the content development to align your blog strategy with seasonal events, trends, and challenges. Start providing timely and relevant information to your audience today!


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