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Our team loves giving back to the community, and we try to volunteer as a team each year to many local organizations! If your company offers an employee benefit like “Volunteer Time Off”, use this time to showcase your team on your company’s social media!  More people are connecting on social media than ever before, and it has become a primary means of communication and connection. Social media doesn’t have to be a space where you spend endless time scrolling and worrying about what to post. Think of it as another platform to restate the consistent messaging you’ve developed and shared on your website, newsletter, and printed materials. When you’re clear on your mission, social media becomes a place of support and community!

If you are like our team and LOVE volunteering, post a few photos during your next volunteer activity on Facebook! Posting this type of content will invite people to connect with your company more personally. Here are three things we recommend keeping in mind when making volunteer posts for a social media campaign.

  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Invite

Educate Your Audience on Your Mission

Share your mission on social media by educating your audience about what you did. Ask yourself, “What is our mission?” and “How did we carry out that mission by doing this work?”. Explain in your post your company values and how they intertwine with volunteering. Consider writing a post using hashtags, pictures, and a caption! These types of posts do very well on Facebook or Instagram.

Inspire Others to Volunteer

To inspire is going to rely heavily on storytelling. Share why your company loves to serve your community by creating an Instagram Reel and ask your employees to share why they are there. If you chose a specific organization to volunteer for, share why! The story on why you love the organization will create a connection to the audience and can help boost engagement on your post!

Instagram Reels or TikTok can help create this story. When organizing your video, develop a theme to carry through your story. Good ideas include why you chose a specific organization, what programs your organization serves, or how this will impact others in the community. Keep it short, so your audience will stay engaged and not scroll away.

Invite Followers to Your Next Volunteer Event

Finally, remember to add a call to action in each post! Invite your audience to volunteer within their community, or if you know when your next volunteer opportunity will be, invite them to join you! Tag the organization you volunteered with on Facebook and Instagram, so your followers know where to reach out to. Tagging additional pages in your post can also help broaden the reach on each platform!

Ready to launch your first social media campaign and start posting team based content every week? We’d love to help you create a consistent, brand-focused social media presence.


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Marisa Lyon
Marisa is the Finance and Marketing Manager at Innereactive, and we are so grateful to have her. She enjoys helping businesses find the right solution for their marketing needs.

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