Does Design Influence Website Conversion?

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It’s no secret that establishing an online presence is essential for businesses of all sizes. Websites are crucial in building credibility, gaining new business, and increasing sales. First, determine what the goal of your website is and how to track it. Next, create a website designed to generate conversion toward that goal. How can design affect your conversion rate? Read on!

What is Website Conversion?

In this context, the conversion rate compares how many people view your website vs take a specific action, like asking for a quote or requesting an appointment. It’s all about motivating a user to take the actions on your website that align with your business goals. For example, if you had 1,000 people visit your homepage this month, and 23 of them clicked to schedule a demo, your conversion rate would be 2.3%.

Creating A Positive First Impression

So, how do we design a website with a great conversion rate to help you reach your goals? First, we look at the homepage to create a positive first impression. Think of your website as your digital storefront. Just as a physical store’s feel, layout, cleanliness, and organization influence customers’ perceptions, your website’s design leaves a lasting impression. If your website’s design doesn’t capture the attention of your visitors, they may quickly hit the back button.

Take a look at the below website screenshots as an example. While the website on the right shows the same essential information, the design is outdated and less engaging than the website on the right. In this case, the website on the right provides a more impressive first impression for users.

CTAs to Drive Website Conversion

Most websites aim to encourage users to take specific actions, whether it’s to learn more, make a purchase, or request a demo or consultation. To guide users effectively, think about what you want your primary call to action (CTA) to be and structure your website’s narrative, flow, and navigation around it.

Call to Action in Navigation

The first and most important place to put your main call to action is your website’s navigation. Your menu should have a clear and logical structure, making it easy for users to navigate your site. Consider the two navigation examples below. Both include a “Contact Us” call to action, but the second design makes the call to action stand out. Additionally, the second navigation uses valuable real estate at the top of the website to provide pertinent information for future engagement, such as a phone number and social media links. This design is making it easier on the website visitor to take action.

Create Conversions on Every Page

Ideally, users should never reach the end of a page and wonder where to go next. Consider the user’s journey with each page on your website and the next step to lead them to your primary call to action. When they finish reading your about page, should they see testimonials or a link to specialized contact lens services? If they’re viewing a product in your shop, should they be directed to email you or explore similar products? Always plan these paths and include the logical next step at your customers’ fingertips. If you’re not incorporating a call to action at the bottom of your page, you’re missing an opportunity for higher conversion rates.

So, are you ready to design a website built to drive conversions? Innereactive is here to help you through website copy development, design, coding, and launch. A well-designed website attracts visitors and guides them towards taking desired actions. Remember, your website often serves as customers’ initial interaction with your business, so make it count.


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Marie Wiewiora

Marie is the VP of Client Relations at Innereactive and has experience in marketing strategy, graphic design, and web development. She has over 8 years of experience creating comprehensive marketing strategies.


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